• For years Ritz had been the US' leading cracker.

    But recently, more ‘fancy’ crackers managed to sneak their way into the larders of their buyers.

    Ritz was in danger of being seen as boring, overlooked, and of losing market share for the first time.

    We had to overcome over-familiarity, uncover the joy of Ritz and create an emotional connection beyond a buttery cracker you put some cheese and pickle on.

  • The simple and iconic Ritz cracker has been around and part of more parties, celebrations, and fun events than any brand in history.

    Fun is not fancy. Ritz is not fancy. Ergo, Ritz is fun. Lets make Ritz the champion of fun, so when you open a box of Ritz, you’re ‘Open for Fun’

  • Peanut Butter
  • Pickup Party