• There are a number of brands in the luxury car business. But no car brands in the luxury business.

    Let’s put Jaguar in the company it deserves to be in, the company of Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci rather than on 11 Ave NYC with all the other car dealers. Let’s make Jaguar become the centre of new–fashioned luxury. Lets make Jaguar be the most modern, the most daring, the most talked about automotive brand in the world.

    Lets give this ‘Jag’ the swagger it used to have.

    Lets make Jaguar ‘Gorgeous’.

  • I helped start our campaign for Jaguar and ‘Gorgeous’ and ended our stint with this piece.

    Designed to focus on Jaguars modernity and technology, but still look gorgeous without saying it. A nice touch was adding the words and voice of one of the pioneers of modernity,technology and future thinking; Mr Buckminster Fuller. (gracias Mr. Jefferey Plansker)